What is Odysseyware?

  • Odysseyware is an online credit recovery program. 
    • A student must have taken the class in person during the school year and earned a grade of 'D+' or lower to be eligible for credit recovery through Odysseyware. 
  • It may be added to a student's schedule as part of their school day or they may take it during summer school. 
    • Students may lose Odysseyware privileges as part of their school day if they fail to complete a course in the term it is assigned to them. 
  • Most Odysseyware courses satisfy UC/CSU a-g requirements.
    • Odysseyware science classes do not satisfy a-g requirements as they lack a laboratory component but students may earn credits toward their high school diploma. 
  • Please have your student meet with their counselor to discuss the possibility of re-taking a class using Odysseyware.