Khan Academy offers free online help with many different subject areas. This includes access to instructional videos that will walk students through the problems step by step. Click on the logo above to check it out!

Many students, at some point in their academic life, struggle with one or more courses. There should be no shame in acknowledging this hurdle. Though there is no silver bullet to cure academic struggles, there are tips and resources available that may help.

  • Organization of backpack and binders
  • Use of a weekly planner (available at most office supply stores and online retailers like Amazon)
  • Communication with teachers via telephone, e-mail, or in person
  • Regular monitoring of Aeries parent/student portal accounts to follow progress and grading
  • PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY!!!! (don’t try to do your homework with your phone next to you)
  • DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR PHONE IN YOUR BEDROOM (turn off your phone by 9pm and place it in a charging station in a common room away from your bedroom, phones disrupt sleep patterns and make students groggy during the school day.)
  • DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!! (try to plan and prepare in advance so emergencies do not derail your success)
  • Get involved in extra curricular activities in the community or at WHS (it's proven the more involved a student is on their campus, the better they do academically and emotionally)
  • Attend classes every day on time and prepared
  • Do not plan family trips during school days

All teachers are available to students for additional assistance during lunch or after school BUT the student or parent must request an appointment in advance.

The WHS math teachers have come together to offer after school tutoring three times per week. Student's may go to any math teacher's tutoring day to receive help in any level of math. Below is the schedule:

Math Tutoring Fall 2018-2019