Mendocino College

How to take Mendocino College Classes:

  1. Fill out an application
  2. Submit a Special Admission Application
    • Available in the WHS Counseling offices
    • Must be signed by High School Principal or Counselor
    • Must have parent and student signature on the back
  3. Complete Orientation online or in person
  4. Register for classes
    • Non-dual enrollment classes are paid for by the student/parents
    • Dual enrollment classes are paid for by WHS
  5. Participate and complete the class with a grade of 'C-' or better
  6. Request Mendocino College transcript after the class ends and submit it to the WHS registrar, Rose Mehtlan, to be given high school credit.

College Classes & Future Financial Aid Eligibility:

  • Although students are encouraged to take college classes, please be aware that receiving less than a 'C-' on a college transcript could result in a student not qualifying for financial aid after high school.
    • If a student receives less than a 'C-' in a college class, they must re-take the class at another time and earn a "passing" grade in order to fix their financial aid eligibility

Concurrent Enrollment:

  • Concurrent enrollment is when a student takes a Mendocino College course during the fall or spring semester while also taking courses at Willits High School. Students may earn both high school and college credits. 1 college unit= 3.33 high school credits!

Dual Enrollment:

  • In the 2016-2017 school year, WHS began offering dual enrollment courses. Dual enrollment is when the high school offers a Mendocino College course on our campus, during our bell schedule, taught by a WHS instructor. Current dual enrollment courses offerings are:
    • HLH 104 Medical Terminology (formally BOT 50)
    • CSC 201 Computers & Computer Applications
    • SCT 164 Understanding Blueprints
    • THE 130A Beginning Hip Hop Dance
    • THE 130B Intermediate Hip Hop Dance
    • MTH 220 Statistics

Math & English Courses at the college:

Beginning in Fall 2019, Mendocino College will use a variety of information to help determine appropriate placement in Math and English classes including high school transcripts and grade point averages (GPA's). Things to be aware of:

  • English:
    • ENG 85 or below is NOT considered college prep and will not satisfy the UC/CSU a-g requirement.
    • ENG 200 or above is considered college level and satisfies the UC/CSU a-g requirement.
  • Math:
    • A grade of C or better (not C-) in WHS Algebra IA and Algebra IB is required to go directly into MTH 77 Geometry.
    • A grade of C or better (not C-) in WHS Algebra IIA and Algebra IIB is required to go directly into MTH 220 Statistics.
  • Students in need of English and/or math credit recovery are encouraged to take ENG 12 (5 units = 16.65 HS credits) or ENG-85 and/or MTH 11 (3 units = 10 HS credits).

Languages other than English & a-g's:

  • Students looking to fulfill their Language Other Than English (LOTE) requirement for UC/CSU a-g eligibility are highly encouraged to take ASL 200 (American Sign Language) or SPN 200 (Spanish) during the fall or spring semester.
    • Taking one of these one semester courses fulfills the full 2-year area e. LOTE requirement for UC/CSU a-g eligibility.
  • Please be aware these LOTE courses are NOT usually offered during the summer.