College Types, Requirements, Applications & Deadlines

Scroll down to learn more about each option and the UC/CSU a-g requirements! Each picture on this page is a live link and will take you directly to that particular website.

University of California (UC)

California State University (CSU)

  • 23 Different CSU campuses
  • Offers 4-year degrees and higher
  • High School students must:
      • Complete all a-g courses by the end of senior year
      • Meet the CSU eligibility index - Click Here
      • Provide SAT or ACT scores especially if overall GPA is between 2.0-3.0
  • Most majors are impacted. What is impaction? - Click Here
  • Option to transfer to a CSU from a community college after completing minimum requirements to transfer
  • Application window is October 1st - November 30th.

Community College (aka Junior college)

Private Universities/ Colleges

  • A private college/university is an independent school that sets its own policies and goals, and is privately funded.
  • There are many different types of private colleges/universities. They may also be affiliated with a particular religious denomination or gender.
  • Tuition costs at Private Colleges/Universities vary. Financial Aid packages can be competitive with UC's & CSU's
  • Application deadlines vary. Check with each college for admissions requirements, application, financial aid, and deadlines

Planning to go to a college outside of California? Want to save money on nonresident tuition fees?

Founded in 1987, the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE, pronounced “woo-ee”) is a regional tuition-discount agreement administered by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE). WUE enables students from one of 16 WICHE states and territories in the Western U.S. to enroll as nonresidents in 160+ participating public colleges and universities and pay 150 percent (or less) of the enrolling school’s resident tuition—which annually saves students an average of $9,000 each on the cost of nonresident tuition.

Click on the WUE logo to learn more about participating colleges & how to apply!

Graduation & Minimum College Eligibility Requirements

How to find Private College/University application deadlines: