Brookside Elementary and Blosser Lane Elementary School
Site Council Meeting Minutes
May 5, 2022  3:15 P.M. via Zoom
Members in attendance:
Parents/Family/Community Members: Suzanne Matheson, Olga O’Neill
Teachers: Abbie Buntin, Katie Cooley
Other Staff: Jeff Cramer
Principal: Nancy Runberg
Others in attendance: Kathy Crossman, Jennifer Valenzuela-Watkins, Jennifer Andrews
The meeting was called to order by Jeff Cramer, at 3:18
Quorum: Quorum of 6 met
Agenda: S. Matheson moved to approve agenda; A. Buntin 2nd, carried
Minutes: S. Matheson moved to approve March Minutes (no quorum in April), A. Butin 2nd, carried
Public Input: Jennifer Valenzuela-Watkins spoke about training that MCOE is offering: Literacy
Series and Deeper Science of Reading addressing teaching strategies – some WUSD teachers are attending
Principals’ Report
Nancy Runberg and Kathy Crossman
 Kindergarten Registration is open and being publicized
 Staff appreciation at both sites very welcome and appreciated
 COVID Protocols updated and posted
 CAASP testing at Blosser will be in May 5th Grade Physical Fitness testing next month
 Federal Program Monitoring Review has been taking place and there will be some
recommendations for sites and the district  End of year field trips being planned and starting
 K “Graduation”, 5th grade promotion, and end of year activities being planned
 Brookside will have McKenzie Erickson and Marion Lone joining Brookside staff as Literacy
Coaches and working with Tier I students
 Due to personal reasons, Superintendent Aldridge will not be returning for 22-23 school year  Summer School planning not solidified yet
1. New Business:  LCAP Input – June 15, 2022 5:10, Media Center @ WHS – informational  Family Engagement Policy Family Engagement Policy should be a specific stand-alone policy
that Site Council will address
 BLES addendum to SPSA – N. Runberg explained that funding for a Reading Specialist should have been included as a federally funded budgeted item and part of plan that SSC approves
O. O’Neill moved that SPSA be amended to show that funding for Blosser’s Reading Specialist
be funded though Federal monies; A. Butin 2nd – carried unanimously

Elections for school year 22-23 – Informational – Site Council Membership, timing of meetings
 Consideration of adding voting school alternates to Bylaws
Discussion – consensus is for Secretary to bring a draft of change to vote on next meeting
Old Business: None
Announcements and comments: Andrews, Buntin, Cooley, and Kramer  Smarter Balance testing (CAASP) has been a huge focus at Blosser  Planning field trips
 Potential funding for art supplies is exciting
Second graders working on animal reports Brookside Intervention is going well, well organized and targeted in terms of students and content  

Young Authors’ Fair preparation – plenty of writing

Appreciation for having Visiting Author, Teri Sloat
Next Meeting: Thursday, May 5, 2022 at 3:15 via Zoom.
Meeting adjourned at 4:23 P.M.