Daniel Drickman, Personal Guidance Counselor & School Psychologist 707-459-7700 ext 1512. Counselor for students in the special education program. Daniel is also running the peer counseling program.   

Nicole Burke, Academic Counselor J-Z 707-459-7700 ext 1514. Provides academic counseling for students with the last name J-Z. Nicole is also the Local Scholarship coordinator, AP test coordinator, PSAT coordinator and a Restorative Practices Facilitator.

Kelly Mace, Academic Counselor A-I (AVID) 707-459-7700 ext 1513. Provides academic counseling for students with the last name A-I. Kelly is also the English Language Development (ELD) chair, CELDT coordinator, CalGrant coordinator, CAASPP coordinator, Healthy Kids Survey coordinator and the AVID counselor.    

Patty Soto, Migrant Education 707-459-7700 ext. 1517. Counselor for students who qualify for the migrant education program.