Research Resources- Current Events

Guiding Questions

Ask yourself these questions when you read current events articles:

  • What is/are the main idea(s) in the article (what is it about)?
  • What are the supporting details for the main idea(s)?
  • Does the writer have a point of view (bias, special opinion), or is the article primarily factual?
  • If the writer seems to have a point of view, give examples. Things to look for that express opinion:
    • views, thoughts, feelings, judgments
    • conclusions that cannot be proved
    • words and phrases such as: virtually, clearly, no doubt, most, almost none, it is apparent, etc.
  • If the article seems objective (primarily factual with no point of view), look for these clues:
    • information that is exact and provable
    • information that is specific and accurate
    • dates, names, quantities
  • What are two possible points of view that someone could have on this topic?
  • What is your opinion about this topic?

News Websites

Remember that most of these news organizations have general biases that are reflected in how they report the news. Compare how different news organizations cover the same story.