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Mendocino College

Students are encouraged to take courses at Mendocino College for both credit recovery and advancement opportunities. 1 college unit = 3.33 high school credits!

Concurrent enrollment with Mendocino College is ideal for students looking to improve their academic resume. Students have the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit. Concurrent enrollment is when a student takes a Mendocino College course during the fall or spring semester while also taking courses at Willits High School. 

Students looking to fulfill their Language Other Than English (LOTE) requirement for a-g eligibility are highly encouraged to take ASL 200 (American Sign Language) or SPN 200 (Spanish) during the fall or spring semester. Taking this one semester course fulfills the 2 year LOTE requirement for a-g eligibility. Please be aware the LOTE courses are NOT offered during the summer.

In the 2016-2017 school year, WHS began offering dual enrollment courses. Dual enrollment is when the high school offers a Mendocino College course on our campus, during our bell schedule, taught by a WHS instructor. The dual enrollment courses for this year are as follows:
  • BOT 50 Medical Terminology
  • CSC 201 Computers & Computer Applications
  • SCT 164 Understanding Blueprints 
Students in need of English and/or math credit recovery are encouraged to take ENG 10 (4 units = 16.65 HS credits) and/or MTH 11 (3 units = 10 HS credits). A placement test is not required for either course. 

Students wanting to take English and/or math at Mendocino College must take a placement test. English and math placement tests are given at the Willits campus Monday through Friday 8:30am to 3:30pm. You must first apply to Mendocino College online here, then complete an orientation here before you can sit for the placement test. You may only take the placement test one time every four years. Therefore it is very important that you take this placement test very, very seriously. You can find practice placement tests here.

English: Students who wish to enroll in ENG 80 (college prep level English) or above are required to take a placement test. There is no way to bypass the English placement test. 

Math: Students who want to take math at Mendocino College can bypass the placement test with their WHS math grades. A grade of C or better (not C-) in both semesters of Algebra I is required to go directly into MTH 77 Geometry. A grade of C or better (not C-) in both semesters of Algebra II is required to go directly into MTH 220 Statistics.

Mendocino College Classes

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