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Link Crew

What is Link Crew?
  • Link Crew is a freshman transition program that welcomes incoming freshmen and makes them feel comfortable and supported throughout the first year of their high school experience. Link Crew trains incoming juniors and seniors to support and be positive role models for incoming 9th graders. We are also happy to have incoming sophomores join our administrative team, so Link Crew really is an opportunity for all Willits High School students.
  • Link Crew is a year long transition program with four components that contribute to its success:
    • High School Orientation - Link Leaders and freshmen start building the mentor relationship and freshmen receive information about how to be successful in high school
    • Academic Follow Ups - Link Leaders support freshman academic success and character development through structured classroom visits
    • Social Follow Ups - Link Leaders and freshmen connect outside the classroom at social events to increase student engagement, and promote positive school climate
    • Leader Initiated Contacts - Link Leaders connect with their freshmen on a more individual basis

Who are Link Leaders?

Link Leaders are upperclassmen (Juniors & Seniors) who have been successful at Willits High School. Link Leaders’communication skills, leadership potential, responsibility, and personality have helped them succeed in the high school environment. The lessons they have learned should be shared to help others succeed. You could have a tremendous influence on new students and gain many valuable leadership skills in the process. Plus, it will be fun!

Qualities we are looking for in our Link Crew Leaders: 
1. Accountability
2. Collaborativeness 
3. Commitment 
4. Creativity 
5. Enthusiasm 
6. Friendliness 
7. Problem solving 
8. Communication 
9. Risk Taking
10. Thoughtfulness

How can I become a Link Leader? 

First, you must be willing to commit for the duration of the entire school year, and you must be a junior or senior during the 2017-2018 school year. Current freshmen who are interested in being a part of the Admin. Team can also apply for that position.
Second, all interested students must complete an application and turn it in when the application period opens in April 2017This includes a short but detailed statement as to why you would like to be a Link Leader and how you would contribute to the team. Applications will NOT be accepted after April 21st.

If you have any questions, please see your Link Crew Coordinator; Mrs. Burke

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