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College Exploration

  • High School Students who plan to apply to 4-year colleges must complete the A-G course sequence to meet the minimum eligibility requirements.
College Exploration/Planning Tools:

Just for Parents:

    College Entrance Exams:

    UC's & CSU's require either ACT or SAT scores as part of the application process. Private Colleges may require them as well. Always check with the school you are applying to for admission requirements.

    The ACT


    • Click on the link above for 6 months of free ACT test prep!
    • Enter code "WILLITS" at checkout for the discount

    Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test or PSAT

    Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT

    • Free SAT practice
    • Full length practice exam available
    • Specific math and reading/writing support also available
    • Free practice tests for ACT, SAT and AP!

    • Free practice tests for ACT & SAT!

      College Types and Applications: 

      The University of California (UC):
      • 9 different UC campuses
      • Offer 4-year degrees and higher
      • High School Students must: 
        • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA
        • Complete 11/15 A-G courses by end of Junior year
      • Option to transfer to a UC from a community college
      • Application Deadline is November 30th
      • Application Website - Click here!
        • Helpful application website: 

      The California State University (CSU):
      • 23 different CSU Campuses
      • 4-year degrees and higher 
      • High School Students must:
        • Complete all A-G courses by end of senior year
        • Meet the CSU Eligibility Index - Click here!
        • Provide SAT or ACT scores if GPA is between 2.0-3.0
      • What is impaction? - Click here! 
      • Application Deadline is November 30th
      • Application website - Click here!

      California Community College:

      • 113 different campuses
      • Certificate Programs and 2-year Associate Degrees
      • Students may transfer to a 4-year college after completion of minimum requirements
      • No SAT or ACT required for admission
      • No minimum GPA or high school diploma required for admission
      • Opportunity to start fresh
      • Application website - Click here!

      Private Colleges:

                                              The Common Application:

      • 517 colleges use this one application
      • Private colleges across the country
      • Requires essays and letters of recommendations
      • Stay on top of your deadlines and supplemental information required
      • Common Application
      • Common App’s Search by Deadline

        • Click “Explore Colleges”
        • Click “Browse all colleges”
        • “Deadline: On or After” < select today’s date
        • 5.      Click “Search”

      How to find College Application Deadlines:

      College Simply (probably the easiest and most complete)
      Universal College App’s Still Accepting Applications
      NACAC’s College Openings Update:
      Rolling Admission Colleges:
      • In general, these are schools accepting students throughout the year until their class is full.